have you ever seen or witnessed a funny situation and be like”this can never happen to me”or “I’ll never be in those shoes”?.Certainly,we all pray for the best,look forward to the light at the end of the tunnel,the silver lining in the dark sky and so on.We all assume and believe (for those of us with multiple experiences here on earth) that life is an adventure….where you meet the good,the bad and the ugly(even though these events occur to us differently and at different percentage),it’s just important to keep in mind that no one human is invincible to ill fate.Some people started their lives with a lot of dreams and opportunities but “life” happened and things went sour.You can imagine planning to buy a drop dead gorgeous Mercedes at the age of 25 because at 20,you have more than you can spend,then “life” happened.Don’t misconstrue please,I’m not saying life doesn’t go perfectly well for some people(like from cradle to their graves),all I’m saying is one needs to prepare one’s mind for eventualities.When you’re in a pleasant situation,you should enjoy it to the fullest and also,put behind your mind somewhere that this can stop anytime.As long as you’re not immuned to death(except of course you’re some sort of mutant),that also makes you susceptible to the good and bad sides of life.So,I guess the next time you hear a story or witness an unpleasant event,you should be of help if you can rather than be super optimistic that it can”never” happen to you and most importantly,whatever situation you find yourself in,make the most of it!.