I wonder what men think when they see women in other lights apart from being their wife/mother/niece/cousin  or daughter.Many of us feel that it’s a woman’s world but truth be told,women are not treated in that light.let me use this example,I went with my friends to another friend’s house to visit and then after all the pleasantries,it was time to talk,drink and laugh.After a couple of drinks,I got tired and told this female friend of mine that I was ready to leave but the guys won’t hear of it.My persistence to leave led to me seeing some men in a whole different picture.the guys bluntly refused to take us back home because”we killed the fun”.lol.i was in shock as it was 8pm already and we were in the middle of nowhere .The funny twist to this story is that the guy that insisted on not taking us back home was asking my friend out.So imagine he wasn’t asking her out!.Anyways,this is just my own little story.I don’t know what other women out there face beacuse of their sexuality.the guys that throw me off balance are the ones that beat up women.i mean!,I don’t support violence but so what if she slapped you?.How much energy does she have compared to you?.people just look for minute and obscene reasons to justify their actions.Men need to stop putting women down because I can’t start statinng  the importance of women in the family,community,society and the world at large.Don’t hit a woman for any reason whatsoever,don’t call a woman names,don’t see her as a lesser human than you.the way you treat a woman is a reflection of how you see yourself.i was talking to a woman and I asked her how she  was enjoying her marital home.Oh boy,I was quiet when she stopped talking.How can you marry a man that won’t touch you and according to her,she was forced into the marriage.Why do we need to end up with someone that would put us through pain all because it’s “compulsory” for a woman to get married and start a family.what do you think about the ideology of marriage in the first place?.is it all about the woman?.Anyways,as we celebrate the international women’s day ,I hope men will find time to sit and have a rethink on how they treat women who are of no importance to them  and the ones that they find around them every other day.http://one.org/