There’s this saying that “it gets ugly before it gets beautiful” and right now,Nigeria ain’t looking beautiful,at all.I’m sure we are aware of all the major and recent happenings.I was just going to drive out to get groceries and I spent an hour on the road!.A journey that takes me about five minutes,give or take.We were promised a whole lot but things are taking an awkward turn right now and we’re all doubting where we are headed as a nation.let’s look at it from another angle… you know ,change is a process and since we are not oblivious of the discrepancies by past leaders at different levels who decided to shove the national cake down their throats because they could.We can’t really judge the present government because in my opinion,i believe a whole lot of reformations are taking place at the moment and some disgruntled people are trying to make a fuss.Every where you turn now there are infinity queues at petrol stations(those  who even agree to sell),traffic jam,unfavorable weather(hellfire sun) amongst others…..So,why won’t the people complain and protest?.Electricy bills has risen from the grass to grace yet,we still experience zero to epileptic power supply….Oh I don’t even want to mention the weakness of our currency.we are experiencing change whether we like it or not,crawling change.aI’m not here to judge,I just want to listen to what everyone has to say about this phase Nigeria is experiencing right now.we should also count our blessings…yes,we should count our blessings because some moles have been exposed at different levels and they are paying for their sins(I’m sure there are still some out there )…I implore us to be positive in thoughts and think we’re taking two steps forward and twelve steps backwards?.Do you think things are going to get better anytime soon?.