Every now and then ,we all crave some sort of local delicacy,especially in this time when there are many prized and sophisticated restaurants and eateries all the place but nothing and I repeat,nothing can beat your regular “mama put” in this life.I mean,your personality changes immediately you step into a proper “buka”where you see pots of steaming stews and soups filled with different types of flesh.The aroma alone will make you lose focus until you’ve rolled your sleeves up and poised to consume that hot plate of  beauty.lol.Anyways,I’m a big fan of local food and I don’t waste time to patronize a local restaurant whenever I can.You should indulge sometime and enjoy the exquisite variety of soups and staples we have here in Nigeria like Ewedu,Afang,Oha,Edika-ikong,Vegetable soup,fisherman soup with  any choice of staple(swallow ).So go ye into the world and enjoy these meals!.life’s too short to stick to a boring recipe.

A local food joint somewhere in lekki phase 1