i guess we all have gone through one experience or another in this gigantic world of ours and some of these experiences are either pleasant ones that we would love to relive again and again.Then,we also have those “not-so-pleasant “experiences that we repress and refuse to recall.so,in a bid to prevent such sad experiences from reoccuring with our loved ones,we tend to caution them and all.Sometimes,we go overboard trying to protect them but some people don’t learn from your mistakes.The truth here is we were all structured differently.Some of us don’t want to make the mistakes our friends/family made but then,some of us would rather make those mistakes ourselves….so basically,all I’m trying to say here is that you shouldn’t get pissed or sour when you try to advise that friend/family /colleague and the person refuses to take heed.We all need one another in life because we’re social animals and all but in the end,SALVATION IS PERSONAL!.